Staying in front of the Coronavirus, COVID-19

We’ve been spending a bit of time, researching and thinking about the latest coronavirus, novel COVID-19, that has quickly turned into a pandemic worldwide.  There are some implications worth noting and we would like for each of you to understand what Claymore CrossFit will be doing in case of certain events.  We will also be asking each of you to take a selfless approach to handling COVID-19 for the well-being of our Community.  This may be a bit long, so please take the time to read as it impacts us all!

  1. First, we DO NOT intend to close Claymore CF unless mandated by the Government.  The country of Italy (and its gyms) have been quarantined for the next month due to the outbreak there!  Germany has cancelled any and all events where more than 1,000 would come together. We will be doing everything within our abilities to maintain a viral-free space for as long as the government allows.  That includes things already in place:
    1. Sanitiser solution (blue bottle) and blue roll readily available.
    2. Wiping down all equipment before and after workouts, and
    3. Increased weekly kit & floor disinfecting
  1. Why should we all take this so seriously as it’s relatively mild?  Great question!  Here’s why:
    1. Most of us are only one or two degrees of separation away from someone in which this could potentially be lethal (this seems to affect those older than 50 poorly, take a minute and think about someone you know and have contact with that could be in danger of catching this with deleterious effects.
    2. This virus is considered “novel.”  It’s new to the globe.  That means that there are no current medications that will reduce the symptoms of this virus, unlike with many strains of the flu currently out there (or their vaccinations).  So, while mild, it’s dangerous to those that already have breathing issues or are susceptible in general.
    3. You may be carrying the coronavirus for up to 5 days before you become symptomatic.  You could be spreading it without knowing it!  Scary!
    4. COVID-19 is up to three times more transmittable than the regular flu.  In some of the reading we’ve done between 20-70% of the worldwide population may be infected by the time it’s all said and done.  That’s potentially billions of people affected.
    5. We do not want to add to the burdening of an already over-stressed health system in this country.
  1. Understand that you are taking a risk by coming to the gym to workout.  You are also taking a risk simply walking to put your green bin out. Being in any public space now becomes a risk.  You knowingly accept that risk by showing up.
  2. We are asking each of you to help stem the transmission by consistently wiping down equipment before/after your workout.  You know where you’ve been and what you’ve touched during your workout.  We are also asking that you keep or up your normal hygiene levels during this time.  This means:
    1. Please shower and deodorise BEFORE coming to the gym that day (or the night before)
    2. Please wash your hands before you get in your car to come over to the gym
    3. If you feel the onset of cold or flu-like symptoms, take a day off from the gym until you’re feeling better.  Even 2 days after the final symptoms, you may still be infectious to others.  For their sakes, stay home a little extra during this crucial time.
    4. Try not to touch your mouth, nose, ears, or eyes while at the gym until after you’ve washed up.
    5. Please wash your hands while at the gym.
    6. Fist or elbow bump instead of high five for the time being!
    7. Soap and water seem to treat it best.  We will have both available in our bathrooms for you.
    8. If you have come in contact with someone that has contracted COVID-19, PLEASE QUARANTINE YOURSELF.  14 days seems to be the mandated length.  We will be creating daily home workouts for everyone going forward (that will not require any equipment).
  1. If the Perth Schools decide to close, we are asking that you please DO NOT bring your kids to the gym or workout areas so that you can get your sweat on or to the kids classes.  Kids, invariably, do not have great hygienic habits and can be considered a higher threat for transmission.  I know this is not ideal, but find alternatives to get around this.  Help each other by taking care of each other’s kids and make switches between cars at the gym.
  2. We consider COVID-19 to be force majeure and out of our control, should the gym be mandated to close temporarily.  And it would be temporary. We will be setting up home workouts via Wodify whereby you can log your attempts and we can stay interactive via Facebook to discuss.